Founded by two brothers and app developers in the Pacific Northwest, EdgeRift creates and develops popular apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. These range from fun games to industry standard setting and indispensable.  We have been able to work closely with them to create graphics for some of their award winning apps including “Real Solitaire” and “Emergency Radio”. From playing cards families to UI we’ve been able to help add a distinct graphic look to go along with their code.

Website design for

Flash based version for EdgeRift's website that ALMOST went live. Very well was the last Flash based anything we've worked on.

iPhone and iPad based Real Solitaire app. Keeping legibility and device size in mind, we designed and illustrated a number of card families.

Large print modern aesthetic family. The cards on the bottom two rows are the "night" versions.

Our original take on the classic deck of cards. Both day and night versions below.

Victorian themed playing cards.

Real Solitaire app backgrounds.